Terre des Frères (Land of the Brothers)

Terre des Frères (Land of the Brothers)

Terre des Frères is the title of the a documentary on the life and contribution of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Francophone Canada and beyond.

The Visitor and his Council commissioned a team of documentary filmmakers to develop a film that would commemorate the Brothers’ presence in French-speaking Canada. Mr. Daniel Bertolino and Ms. Catherine Viau of Studio Via Le Monde, both well known in the field of cinema, produced this documentary and Mr. Grégoire Viau who directed it. It should be noted that much of the production work was done during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is quite a challenge in itself and adds to the value of the film.

By scrolling down this page, you will be able to watch the 5 chapters that make up the film.

Enjoy your viewing!

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